A quick post from me. I’ve been super busy preparing for my new teaching post that starts this week, and had a wonderful few days away visiting my sister and her new baby, so I haven’t had a lot of new work to show.

I have managed to scratch this piece together since I got back late on Thursday night. It is this weeks submission for the illustration challenge at Timeless Decor.

The theme this past week was History and was set by yours truly.

I must go back and address the photography of this one on a sunnier day!



Little update: 29/9/2012 Just 2 weeks later Book cam cup as a theme on illustration Friday, so as a slight cheat I am going to submit this one as I am so busy.

Here is my submission for this week’s Illustration Challenge over at the Timeless Frames, Décor and Expression Facebook page

My quirky little man seems to be turning into a book worm. 

Illustration Friday: Burst

A very quick post here for this week’s Illustration Friday.

This one was created by hand, but scanned in and put together digitally. No foam sticky pads this time.

I still want to see the difference between the two ways of forming the image so once I have put it together physically I will photograph and add it to this blog.

So here she is


So here is the physical digital one. I think it is better, more depth than the digitally layered version, but obviously I can only show that IF I can get the right lighting – I fear the short winter days we have in the UK!

Rocket Boy #3

I guess I just can’t leave Rocket boy alone! After my last couple of illustrations I started to feel like I have cracked my backgrounds (layers, layers, layers), so I felt I owed it to Rocket Boy to give him another try out. Although his last incarnation (Rocket Boy#2)was a big improvement I still felt it was missing ‘something’, lack of depth and movement.

So using a combination of digitally and hand rendered elements along with some pieces scanned from the RB#2 I created this version –  Rocket Boy number 3 – the masterpiece!!!!

So inspired by this version, using more of the same elements I quickly whipped up a title illustration for RB as well.

Interestingly I took these shots in the amazing sun we had this afternoon, but I’m not sure if the shadows are too much.

Beautiful handwritten lettering

Last week I took my little O to the Didcot Train museum for his birthday, a real boys day out. The last thing I expected was to find a real gem for myself – lots of examples of beautiful hand rendered lettering.

I just have to share

Oil Change

Another new piece from me.

Poor little robot’s broken, he has collapsed on the street and is in need of an oil change. Luckily his best friend is on hand to give him a transfusion.

Belated Illustration Friday: Lonely

A while ago an Illustration Friday topic came up of Lonely, I had a great idea, put down a sketch in my sketchbook but never had the time to do a finished piece for that week.

A week or two later I was messing around with developing my style and tried a (hand painted paper) collage and mixed media version but hated it (It’s too bad to even show here). But I still loved the initial sketch and concept, so I decided to rock it out with my new 3-d work.

I think I have captured the depth of forests and the sadness. Although I feel I need to work on photography of these pieces, especially in regards to the lighting.

As always I would really love some feedback. If you don’t like it, tell me why, if you love it, what appeals to you?Image