Long time no blogging

I’m going to be honest, blogging does not come naturally to me, I find it narcissistic. I’m not the kind of person who is good at standing up on a stage and saying’ Hey, look at me, look how cool I am’, especially when it comes to my creativity. The thought of saying to someone ‘come look at my drawings’ makes me want to rock gently in a corner. I wish I was, I adore so greatly those folk who can put themselves out there without any fear of the feedback, in all honesty I wish I had bigger balls!

Its funny though because I get a huge sense of pride and achievement when I have something in print, when someone contacts me and asks me to work with them, even though I secretly berate myself that it looks scrappy or maybe not professional enough (whatever that actually means).

But I have to accept that a huge part, probably the biggest part of being a freelance creative is the networking, its the sticking your head out of the little burrow and yelling at the top of your lungs, ‘Whooooo hoo, I’m pretty fly at this arty-malarky’.

So here I am again, forcing myself to get out there. I have started blogging numerous times before but I always fail to stick at it (the same with twitter). This time around though I have written myself a plan, almost a script of what I have to do and when. I have also given myself a mantra for 2016:

BE CONSISTENT! (for at least a year)


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