Developing my style: Illustration Friday revisited

Late last night as we drove home from Brighton after visiting some family, it had been a long day (we left just after 6am) I had a huge pang of inspiration, I hoped my Eureka movement in regards to developing my style further.

Despite my ventures into mixed media I have always been frustrated by the flatness of my work, as well as the lack of movement and definition I felt existed. I pondered this heavily, I had toyed with getting some screen printing equipment, something I was experienced with in college and inspired by my love of Jay Ryan’s work, or maybe collage?  If I could combine these element together it might create something interesting.

My mind also was brought back to the Escape from Illustration Island podcast interview with Liz Lomax, I have always been intrigued by the idea of doing something 3-dimensional, but I was unsure I would even know where to start.

Then whilst doodling in my notebook I had an insight….. I remembered some (almost) 3-D paper bunting I had made to sell at craft fairs, I had made some chalk boards in a similar style….. I remembered the Holly Hobby 3-d pictures I had as a child and realised I could apply the same technique to my illustration… if I produced each element as an individual piece, foam sticky blocks between each layer to create depth and a feeling of movement.

So this morning I set right to it. I decided to recreate the same image I had worked on for this week’s illustration Friday  (see this post), so I could compare it to the digital and painted versions I already had. This would be the best measure to see if it was more successful.

So here it is along with an in progress shot. I






  1. Had a look at your earlier attempt and I like this 3D one the best! I like its vibrant colours and the fact that there are many different textures in it. You are right about flatness in the other ones. I read an interesting post somewhere the other day about how overlapping shapes by positioning them behind each other can create a sense of space. Maybe this would help this image further? It is already happening where you now have the purple bird in front of a part of the tree.
    I also like your illo with the bird on a plate very much.

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