Illustration Friday: TALL

For this week’s Illustration Friday I decided to have give myself a little test, to reproduce the same drawing using two different Mediums.

The idea behind this was to help me define my style, what works and doesn’t work for me, and hopefully to get some feedback on this.

The initial drawing was done in pencil, and used for both pieces. The first one was coloured up digitally in photoshop using a scan of the original drawing and the second version painted using watercolour, and then highlighted using a bic biro. The latter used the original drawing as the base.

I am really keen to have some really honest feedback on them both, do either work? do you have a preference?

I’m still undecided……..

(small note that they are A3 paintings so you can’t see all the detail at this scale., Also my scanner has really intensified the colour on the painted one).



  1. Both are great, but I personally am a fan of the vibrant colors of the second one. But it’s hard to judge because you used different colors! I think the meerkat creature at the top of the stack is much harder to see against the sky in the first one. In fact I see a lot of the same values in the top one. The second one, wow, I love it! Particularly the different colors in the giraffe, the sun, and the vibrant trees. (You did lose a bit of detail making the bird such a dark purple.) So cute and fun!

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