Analysing my work so far

I have been trying to develop myself as a children’s book illustrator for the last few years, just in my spare time to start with, but not taking it too seriously, I have sent out promos, but then never follow through properly, but now it is time to make a real push forward.

My main issue has always been that I lack confidence in my work, and my style. Actually I don’t feel so much I have a clear defined style. I think like how I draw (more honestly, I don’t hate it), but it is my medium that I am not convinced by.

I started off 3 years by illustrating in watercolour, and pencil. I have always been happy with them, but they were incredibly time consuming and very static. I also felt that they had too much white space and not enough context to be suitable for children’s books. Here are a couple of pieces (there are more in my portfolio section).

So then I messed around drawing in brio and colouring in photoshop, sometimes the results were great (as with my Dino piece), other times something was lost and they were just too saturated with colour, lacking detail and definition (Little Red riding hood and my entry to the Waterstone’s Picture this competition 2011 are good examples of this).

Since having my Son I have been side tracked by a creating family; Mother and child related pieces (which I sell on Etsy), these have mainly been water colour and pencil but some have used acrylics too, collage, bit of oil etc.

They have been very time consuming paintings but it has opened my eyes to come back to redeveloping my work for children’s books and the want to try to find a ‘style’ I truly feel at home in.

My background is in textiles, I studied it at university so I have had experience in really shaking it up and letting loose, but then I retrained in Graphics which tightened it all back up again.

I have a 10 day stretch ahead of me, my husband has some time off work so he can look after our son, so it is time for me to really delve in to this subject. I am hoping I will also get new promo material created in this time and put myself back out there. I know how hard I work (I paint & draw constantly), and this is what I really want to do,  so I know I can make a difference in this time period.

If anyone wants to critique any of my work I would be so grateful.


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