Illustration Friday

Here is my submission for this weeks Illustration Friday.
It’s just a quick doodle, pencil and the kids wax crayons. 
The crayons are really lovely and made from beeswax, they are so vibrant and can blend really well.



Long time no blogging

I’m going to be honest, blogging does not come naturally to me, I find it narcissistic. I’m not the kind of person who is good at standing up on a stage and saying’ Hey, look at me, look how cool I am’, especially when it comes to my creativity. The thought of saying to someone ‘come look at my drawings’ makes me want to rock gently in a corner. I wish I was, I adore so greatly those folk who can put themselves out there without any fear of the feedback, in all honesty I wish I had bigger balls!

Its funny though because I get a huge sense of pride and achievement when I have something in print, when someone contacts me and asks me to work with them, even though I secretly berate myself that it looks scrappy or maybe not professional enough (whatever that actually means).

But I have to accept that a huge part, probably the biggest part of being a freelance creative is the networking, its the sticking your head out of the little burrow and yelling at the top of your lungs, ‘Whooooo hoo, I’m pretty fly at this arty-malarky’.

So here I am again, forcing myself to get out there. I have started blogging numerous times before but I always fail to stick at it (the same with twitter). This time around though I have written myself a plan, almost a script of what I have to do and when. I have also given myself a mantra for 2016:

BE CONSISTENT! (for at least a year)


Flight of the Conchords feature pretty heavily in our house, we are often found dancing around the kitchen to their music and the first song my boy learn (some of) the words to was ‘Fashion is Danger’.

So it seemed only fitting that at some point  I pay homage to Bret and Jermaine, and as I love Robots, it was only right that I interpret the song ‘The Humans are Dead’.

For those of you not familiar with it, here’s link to a clip from the show.

And here is my tribute


I’ve also realised I need to start really looking hard it my composition as I am often too quick to just ‘put it together’ after each element has been created. I have (briefly) rejigged this image to shake it up a bit. Hopefully it will show me I need to plan my layout and framing more in future.

robo boogie_alt sml

Here are some development and in progress shots:

IMG_0317 IMG_0335 IMG_0339 IMG_0348


A little while ago I did some work on a picture call ed Union Jack for my dear friend’s art and design challenge over at Timeless Frames. I was in a rush so I never got chance to finish it.

However this week I realised that it fitted perfectly with this theme of Wheels for Illustration Friday, so I got right to it this weekend and added lots of new characters, and worked up the sky with more texture.

I hope you like my friends and their happy bus.

Imageand a little close up of my favourite characters.



It has been a while since I had chance to put together a finished piece for illustration Friday, so this week I was determined to get back on track with it. From initial sketches on Monday, this one came together like a dream.

She hasn’t got a name yet, but I think it should be something like Happiness. 

Using her wings to take flight, and with love and care, she places the little bird back in its tree.



Happy New Year!

I realised I haven’t blogged in a few weeks, the festive period distracted me, although not from drawing.

I’ve been busy working away developing new projects, and revisiting my pirate project, but thats all for future posts.

Here is an illustration in progress called Nature



Here is my submission for this week’s illustration Friday. I feel a little naughty as this was a piece I created last Christmas, but with the celebrations looming I knew I would be pushed to put a new piece together.

She is called the lady of the snow, and was inspired by my years living in Syracuse, NY – land of snow!!!!

The medium isn’t the same as my usual layered style as I had been playing around with digital, but the drawing is still the same.lady of the snow SML

Pirate Explorers

I have been wanting to do a pirate illustration for a while, so this week’s Illustration Friday theme of Explore was perfect.

Here is my finished piece (although I think I am going to go back and add in an Octopus in the sea), maybe something in the sky as well, maybe a seagull or two.

Pirate Explorers_smland here are some in progress shots. My iPhone died a few weeks ago so I had to drag out my proper camera so there aren’t as many WIP shots as I’d like.

Original character sketches

pirate sketch




My piece for this weeks Illustration Friday ‘Sky’.

I really love my little characters in the plane’s window, they came from some little sketches I did in the week in my sketchbook. My old lady is my favourite, and of course there is my ginger cat who features in a lot of my pictures. He is a nod to my old ginger cat Aubrey who passed away earlier this year.


Emily in the rain

The last few weeks have left little time to do much in the way of illustration, I have been so busy with my new teaching post and a college course.  I have managed lots of sketching though, so I am brimming with ideas.

I did manage to whip up this piece over the last 24 hours. She was painted up by hand and them assembled digitally.